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olga-wideLife in Nashville TN is more than cornbread, beans and biscuits…It has a new vibe…If you have never been to Nashville, now it is time. Nashville art and entertainment arena is booming.  One of the most growing trends in Nashville is fine and contemporary art.  Nashville art has also been evolving, changing and embracing new cultures. Nashville lifestyle is more than country music, cowboy hats and corn bread.   You do not have to travel to East Coast or West Coast to find urban or fine art galleries.

Nashville art has a new vibe because of talented artists and fine art trendsetters like Olga Alexeeva, the owner of a fine art gallery “O”Gallery in the Marathon village.  She is also an amazing artist, an inspiration to Nashville business owners and a powerful female entrepreneur who built an incredible reputation in her business circles. She left Soviet Union with her son to start a new  chapter of her life and came to Nashville TN.

Among all the places she made Nashville her home.  A former actress and mother of an 11-year old son at that time,  Olga Aleexeva had the courage to start  a new life, from the very  beginning. It took her some time to learn English and develop new friends and relationships. Working diligently and with her optimistic, daring nature – her artistic ability sustained her through thick and thin.

She started to paint quite unexpectedly – the hidden, artistic soul begging to get out. Never having expressed herself through painting, she is now vigorous in her search for her own way and unique voice. Her work reflects her cry for beauty, her desire to nurture the eye, challenge the intellect, and provoke the subconscious…perhaps her stage background telling us stories.

“Color and forms were always in my life – on the stage, where I spent 13 years as a professional actress, or at home – I always felt mysterious meaning of shadows and movement of a body, strange order of average things around me. I had to follow the summon of nature to express and reflect. It excites me to pull colors together and create another entity. Now I live it and love it.

Nobody becomes an artist unless they have to.’ So, my ‘have to’ is now a reality and is available for you to experience. You are invited to visit my expressions on canvas and share my joy of co-creating. Reality is not only what we see, it’s also what we imagine. I invite the viewer to a Wonderland, where everything is possible.” – Olga Alexeeva

Please  visit The “O” Gallery at Marathon Village,

1305 Clinton St suite 120, Nashville TN 37203

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  1. Hi Olga, I truly enjoy looking at your gallery as I watch the Waking Up in America episodes. Your artwork is beautiful. I was very inspired by your interview with Tajci. I am fortunate to be visiting from Los Angeles and hope to have the privilege of meeting you while visiting your gallery in Marathon Village on November 2, after our tour at ThistleFarms. I am really excited about visiting and supporting the places in Nashville that I have been made aware of by watching Waking Up in America.
    Ann Marie

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