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Kids art classes with Olga

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Class of 10 women

Art classes with Olga Alexeeva

Students Show May, 2015

Greg Allen art class 10/2014

I just wanted to take a few minutes to share how much I enjoy your classes Olga. I have learned new tricks and techniques during each class and every one has been different with something new to learn each time. My friends and family have seen my work and have all assumed I have been painting for years.You truly have a way of bringing out the artist in me I thought I had left behind in high school, some thirty years ago! I really enjoy the reaction from people when I confess that I have only been painting for a couple of months with only a few classes under my belt, they all say my work looks professional and as though I have been an artist for years. When I share that my secret is a wonderful and talented instructor named Olga from Russia they all get excited to learn more about you and your work which allows me a chance to gush about how you have taught me so much is such a short time. You put a paintbrush in my hand, an idea in my head and allowed me to run free with them. Thank you for your wisdom and passion it is truly infectious.

Very truly yours,
Blake Davidson